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The unique Polaroid in 8×10″ format

Imagine the classic polaroid photo, but in an A4 format – a beautiful photo developed right in front of your eyes in a few minutes with the charming photographic chemical process. Holding this photo in your hand will truly steal your breath away.

The Polaroid 8×10″ (20x24cm) large format has all the classic Polaroid features that we all love – fine features, beautiful tones, perfect imperfections and the unique photo chemical aroma.

The amazing lens on the large format Sinar camera also adds brilliant sharp detailing. It’s ideal for a portrait!

Studio 8×10 from PolaroidLove

We love to shoot with this fantastic photographic material, and that’s why we host workshops and discussions. We shoot personal photo requests, for magazines, and for our own pleasure. We try our best for you to be able to experience this unforgettable photographic process.

Want to try out this wonderful process, or use it for your project?

What’s the process for shooting on a large format Polaroid camera?

Polaroid 8×10 isn’t just about a camera and some film. It’s more a of a photographic journey.

We shoot with a Sinar 8×10″ camera and try to use as much daylight as possible. Other than the camera/film, the photos need a special processor, where the exposed shot is placed to developed. The large format film is produced by the company Impossible Project.

Are you interested in shooting your project on a large format Polaroid 8×10 camera?

Just let us know! We’ll be glad to help you out. We know you’ll love this special photographic process just as much as we do.

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