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Develop Your Film

Develop your film and leave it in professional hands.

We entrusted our film developing with the pros, and that’s why we partnered up with a photo lab where many famous photographers go to develop their film as well.

Bring your finished film to our Polograph store and we’ll take it to the Thalia Picta photo lab to take care of the rest. We develop all types of formats, from 35mm analog film to 120mm film, and in all photographic processing – C41, black and white, and even E6. We can also scan the film to TIFF format.

Naše služby
35mm film
Developing film in C41/ČB processing

Develop any type of film (35mm, 120mm) in any photographic processing (C41 or black and white). Without scan.

100,- Kč

Developing + scans on a CD

We’ll develop your film (in C41 or black and white photographic processing) and we’ll scan your photos professionally on a CD in TIFF format.

150,- Kč

Polaroid Typ 100 film
Developing + scan + photos

We’ll develop your film (35mm, 120mm) in C41 or black and white photographic processing, scan it in TIFF format, and print your photos.

350,- Kč

Couldn’t pick out from one of our packages and looking for something more specific?

Cross process, large format, diapositive, framing and boarding mats.. thanks to our partnership with the Thalia Picta photo lab, we’re able to develop any type of film and print any type of photos in the highest quality. Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. We’ll figure out the best possible solution for you.

Our complete pricing list available to download in .pdf

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