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Camera Models
Instax Mini

Photos are the size of business cards – perfect for weddings, parties, company events and much more. It’s fast, easy to use and has a unique small format.

photo size – 5x9cm
23,- Kč per photo

Instax Wide
Instax Wide

Reliable, fast and easy to use – ideal for weddings, events and wherever you want to have an instant photo to hand out to guests. Photos develop with rich colors.

photo size – 10x9cm
33,- Kč per photo

Polaroid 600
Polaroid 600

This Polaroid is an oldie, but a goodie – retro colors, square format and charming film developing “errors.” Ideal for filling up photo albums or hanging up on a wall.

photo size – 9x9cm
65,- Kč per photo

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